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About Us

Our Mission

Building an educational community to ignite diverse perspectives from authentic voices across generations, featuring premium content that embodies L.I.T.E. Beyond Generations—our core values of Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

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What is L.I.T.E.?


We hope to build a community of thought leaders who demonstrate expertise, insight, and experience in a particular field, topic, or area.


We aspire to study the practical implementation of a new idea, product, or method, in order to create something better to launch into the world.


We desire to explore the creation and use of technical means and their interaction with life, society, and the environment.


We inspire people to think like entrepreneurs and develop skills that enable individuals to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in various settings.

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Message in a Bottle

Have you ever sent a message in a bottle? Have you ever wondered what message was written inside the bottle? Australian experts say that a Perth family has found the world's oldest known message in a bottle, almost 132 years after it was thrown into the sea. Message in a bottle has become an inspiration for novels, movies, and music since the 1970s, and even Taylor Swift wrote her song "Message In A Bottle" in 2021.


In 2022, Oceanside Perspective was founded as a non-profit learning platform that integrates classic concepts and modern technology by building an intellectual bridge and connecting multi-generational thought leaders globally. We hope to develop a platform for the community to exchange a message in a bottle one at a time.


We hope you will start a new journey by sending a message today!

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