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Project Brief Description

SoilSave provides data-driven soil nutrient solutions to help
agricultural growers in the Corn Belt maximize their crop yields. By utilizing cloud computing and AI, SoilSave delivers a 
“Set it and forget it” ability for their users through their all-in-one soil testing.

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Student Interview


SoilSave emerged as the most distinguished group in this cohort, securing three separate accolades. Professor Wang honored SoilSave with the title of "Entrepreneurs of the Year" as they best demonstrated teamwork and the learning-by-doing spirit. Tim Schwartz, Executive Director of the Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UCSD, awarded SoilSave with the "Unique Value Proposition" award as demonstrated by their straightforward and well-articulated product relative to the market opportunity and the competition. Lastly, Tyler Mincey, Co-Founder and General Partner of Baukunst, crowned SoilSave with the "Best Technology and Demand Opportunity" award. SoilSave demonstrated that they were "best positioned to take advantage of confluent macro trends in emerging technology and shifting market needs."

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