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Colleen Boselli

Strengths Coach

Colleen Boselli focuses her energies on empowering and inspiring professionals to recognize their authenticity and strategically maximize their strengths.  She is a highly regarded senior professional with 30+ years of noteworthy experience as a corporate leader, consultant, and business coach. Colleen’s broad experience and emotional intelligence enable her to be effective and valuable with a client base that spans cultures and continents, enabling her to deliver customized learning opportunities to clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Recognized as an intelligent thinker and entrepreneur, Colleen co-founded Strength Catalyst Partners in 2007. As an Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer, Colleen has worked globally, nationally, and locally with executives who are employed with global companies and non-profits including Alphabet/Google, The Red Sox, Pfizer, Apple, Bloomberg, Fidelity Investments, LinkedIn, and the March of Dimes. A noteworthy, prior background in marketing and advertising equipped Colleen with strong skills in situational analysis, logical reasoning, and personal branding.

Colleen lives outside of Boston and is the mother of 4.

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