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At Oceanside Perspective, we believe in the power of fresh ideas and diverse perspectives to create exceptional outcomes. We're seeking passionate individuals who share our vision of L.I.T.E. Beyond Generations, which describes our focus on cultivating Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship within our global community.

Why Oceanside Perspective? 

🌊 Collaboration: We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration. Join a team where your insights will be valued, and your contributions will make a real impact.

🌊 Growth: Your professional growth matters to us. We're committed to providing ample opportunities for learning, development, and advancement within the organization.

🌊 Diversity: Our team is a tapestry of unique talents and backgrounds. We celebrate diversity and believe it's a key ingredient in fostering creativity and excellence.

🌊 Meaningful Work: What we do matters. Whether it's interviewing industry veterans or hosting events for budding entrepreneurs, every day at Oceanside Perspective is an opportunity to create something meaningful.

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Role Descriptions*

Software Engineering Team Lead, Content Producer, Social Media Creator, Audio & Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Grant Writer, Digital Marketer 

We are seeking a versatile and creative Content Producer to join our team with a specialized focus on behind-the-scenes production of primarily longer form content such as podcasts, webinars, and interviews. Your responsibilities will involve managing the setup and behind-the-scenes aspects of content creation while occasionally participating on-camera / on-mic. As a Content Producer, you will NOT be expected to participate in the A/V editing or graphic design involved in any production. The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for storytelling, a knack for organizing complex projects, and the ability to work collaboratively to bring our organization’s long-term vision to life.


  • Oversee the production process of longer form content, including podcasts, webinars, interviews, and similar formats

  • Coordinate pre-production logistics, scheduling, guest coordination, and content planning for each project

  • Work closely with presenters, hosts, and interviewers to ensure a seamless on-camera experience

  • Brainstorm and implement innovative approaches to enhance the visual and auditory experience of content

  • Occasionally participate in front-of-camera activities, such as hosting or conducting interviews



  • Proficiency in content planning, organization, and coordination

  • Experience with podcast production, webinars, or long-form content creation

  • Strong project management skills to oversee the end-to-end content creation process

  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and adapt to changing production schedules

  • Creative mindset and willingness to explore new content formats and ideas

*Being that Oceanside Perspective is a startup non-profit organization, all positions will be on an unpaid, volunteer-basis.
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