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Project Brief Description

Novusmat is a pioneering material manufacturing firm that prioritizes sustainability and maintains the utility and versatility
provided by polystyrene plastics. Through a scaled up and polystyrene plastic standardized process, Novusmat impregnates corrugated fiberboard with epoxy resin to create a material that serves as a sustainable alternative for production companies using polystyrene. They aim to help production companies take the next step towards a circular economy that is both profitable and sustainable.

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Novusmat was awarded “Unique Value Proposition” by Tim Schwartz, Executive Director of the Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UCSD. Schwartz selected Novusmat as the recipient for the award because they demonstrated the most “straightforward and well-articulated value proposition relative to the market opportunity and the competition.” Novusmat being a conceptual startup, their value proposition being highlighted as the best of their peers serves as tremendous encouragement to pursue Novusmat in the future!

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