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The Art of Early Stage Company Building Featuring Tyler Mincey

Oceanside Meet: Discover the key to building a successful startup with Tyler Mincey, Co-Founder and General Partner, Baukunst. Tyler talks about the evolving landscape of seed funding, interdisciplinary thinking, and the traits and characteristics of strong founders and mission-driven companies. Join us for an informative and enlightening keynote about the difference between an ecosystem and an egosystem approach and how it can benefit your startup.

Guest speaker's bio: Tyler is a Co-founder and General Partner at Baukunst, an early-stage venture capital fund investing at the frontiers of technology and design. Previously, Tyler was a leader in the iPhone/iPod team at Apple, a Partner at the digital product studio Fictive Kin, and on the founding team at Pearl Automation. He brings deep experience with the art and craft of product development to early-stage company building.


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