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GearCloud is a Saas network-based platform that connects mechanical resources to those seeking assistance to any degree. The platform allows users to post their tools, garage, assistance, or expertise for rent with the ability to expand to community garages, events, and crowd-sourced assistance. Users can participate in this system no matter their previous experience but can collect credibility points based on other users' interactions. Bringing access to local resources is useful for low-income communities that do not have the funds to perform vehicle maintenance with a certified mechanic or dealership all the way to supporting local gear-heads that do not have the space to own their own garage or expansive toolboxes. This platform brings those passionate about cars together in their local community, and by taking away the fear of car maintenance... a community can save lives.

This class was the closest to the real-life experience I was able to get from any of my business education at UC San Diego. It forced me to think about something extraordinary and as close to a moonshot as possible to do everything to make it come to fruition (without the hassle of time, legal patience, and money.)

Thinking without constraints is very empowering and getting to design something that I think solves a lot of problems was very stimulating and fulfilling. Working on a project that I actually wanted to pursue beyond the classroom and seeing how it may run its course gave me security for my future. Being a student is chaotic because no matter how much you do outside the classroom, the transition after graduating is daunting. You know you are stuck beneath the rules and say of someone else when you leave school, because we do not have enough experience generally to afford to be our own bosses. This project gives me light at the end of a corporate tunnel. I know that when I get a good enough foothold in my career and life that I have a dream waiting for me to follow…without the analysis paralysis of what it entails.

The class gave me constant opportunities to improve my teamwork skills and my intercommunication ability. I was forced to keep myself in check while having the freedom to move through the project on my team’s own time. Being forced to make my own work schedule and taking time outside of class to progress my team and my idea was challenging but proved that it was something I would need to improve on in order to accelerate in real-life business.

At the time I did feel like we were expected to know more than we did, but I think that was partly byproduct of the amount of time we spent in the classroom and the student to professor ratio. This class would best be executed in a much smaller and more communal setting. Though the competition aspect in the setting we had was so much fuel for my flames to execute the best pitch that I was capable of. Winning some of the awards at the end felt like I made a huge achievement in my career and they are something I wish had enough status to put into my LinkedIn profile considering the weight it carries for me. I am also very grateful to have practiced giving pitches before real life, since that is a talent that you do not get to have very detailed feedback on… but in this class we did. I am very honored Professor Wang took the time to improve me and my team as business leaders and showed us that reaching for the stars is not a limit but a milestone in our thinking. She really inspires me to follow my own moonshots in all arenas of my life.

Kolette Lavoy

GearCloud, Founder


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