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Soul of a Start Up - Part B Featuring Kobus Jooste

Oceanside Meet: Kobus talks about his company Syllable Corporation, the difference between a few regulated industries and innovative high-tech industries, and what it means to be a CEO of a start-up company. Furthermore, Kobus shares his experience and perspective on what holds a successful start-up company together.

Guest speaker's bio: Kobus is currently the co-founder and CEO of Syllable Corporation, recognized as a most promising startup in healthcare for 2022 by CB Insights. His company brings empathy, transparency, and intelligence to every patient touchpoint outside the hospital. He is a technology leader and a former director of software engineering at Google, where he worked on Google Assistant, Google Search, Verily, and Google Payments. Prior to Google, Kobus was a technical leader at VMware, IBM Research, and various startups in information technology and big data. Kobus has two decades of experience in machine learning, voice recognition, and natural language processing.


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