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Sustainable Food System - Part C Featuring Emily Ma

Oceanside Meet: America throws out more than 400 pounds of food per person per year! But, unfortunately, when that food is wasted, so are the resources that go into producing it. And wasted food generates climate change pollution, equivalent to 37 million cars per year. So if we could redirect just one-third of the food we now toss to people in need, it would be more than enough to cover unmet food needs across the country. Emily gives practical advice for everyone to take action!

Guest speaker's bio: Emily Ma has led a number of early stage moonshots at X, Alphabet's moonshot factory. X creates radical new technologies designed to solve some of the world's biggest problems. In the last few years, Emily's focus has been on developing radical new approaches to the problem of food waste. During her time at X, Emily helped bring a range of breakthrough technologies into the world, including Loon internet balloons, Glass smart glasses, and Makani's energy kites. Emily started her career as a mechanical engineer and roboticist. In her time with IDEO, a global design and innovation consultancy, Emily worked on end-to-end innovation programs with clients ranging from Eli Lilly to Proctor & Gamble, during which she came to understand the equal importance of human-centered design, engineering and business. With this, she returned to Stanford University to pursue her MBA and continues to teach entrepreneurship at the School of Engineering. She is the holder of seven patents spanning medical devices to consumer electronics.


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