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The Art & Science of Capacity Planning - Part B Featuring Francisco Buitron

Oceanside Meet: Compared to other industries, the development process of semiconductors is much longer. Francisco shared some opinions on the different business models of companies within the semiconductor industry, and pointed out the current bottleneck in terms of the chip shortage problem. Based on his over 30-year experience within the industry, he shared some examples for the audience to gain an in-depth understanding of capacity planning and some challenges. Many companies now are rethinking their supply strategies, and Francisco believes that many of them would like to invest more money to expand their inventory capacity and have a transparent connection between suppliers and customers for quicker feedback and forecast.

Guest speaker's bio: Francisco has been working in supply chain and operation roles in the semiconductor industry for over 30 years, working for industry leaders including International Rectifier/Infineon, Skyworks Solutions and now Qualcomm. He is originally from Mexico City where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Systems from the ITESM-Tecnologico de Monterrey school. Having been through many supply and demand cycles in his career, he has worked with customers and suppliers worldwide to resolve the always challenging supply chain situations and developing innovative solutions for Planning, Logistics, and Sourcing with the top industry vendors.


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