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The Future of Robotics with Marc Raibert - Part C

Oceanside Meet: Dr. Raibert shares his vision for the Boston Dynamics AI Institute and what problems he is trying to solve by focusing on long-term research and development. Furthermore, he describes what the future of human-robot coexistence may look like, and what it will take to balance the relationship between humans and robots.

Guest speaker's bio: Marc Raibert is the executive director of The Boston Dynamics AI Institute. In this role, he drives the Institute's strategic roadmap and spearheads recruitment efforts to achieve the organization’s mission of developing technology that enables future generations of intelligent machines. Dr. Raibert also serves as the chairman of the board at Boston Dynamics, which he founded in 1992. Boston Dynamics is arguably the most influential pure-play robotics organization in the world, having produced robots such as BigDog, Atlas, Stretch, and Spot, which have been used by organizations around the globe.


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