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The Soul of Supply Chain Featuring Tom Linton - Part A

Oceanside Meet: As one of the most decorated supply chain leaders, Tom Linton tells his story and a pivotal point that led to his career advancement, from a purchasing manager at IBM to the Chief Supply Chain Officer at LG Electronics and Flex. Tom reveals his understanding of supply chain and what enabled his successful career.

Guest speaker's bio: Tom Linton currently serves as a Member of the Board at Sierra Wireless (SWIR) and as Executive Director of the Board at Resilinc. He is also a Senior Advisor at McKinsey and Company and Lutron Inc. He co-authored "The Living Supply Chain; The Evolving Imperative of Operating in Real Time" Most recently he was chief procurement and supply chain officer for Flex. Previously, he spent 20 years at IBM, developing and founding several worldwide trading and technical centers. After leaving IBM, he helped found E2Open, Inc. He has served as CPO of Agere Systems, Freescale Semiconductor and EVP & CPO at LG Electronics. He has been honored with the Institute of Supply Management's J. Shipman Gold Medal; the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Procurement Leaders Organization; the Procurement Leaders award on Global Risk Management; Garner's Supply Chain Innovator Award; inducted into the Chief Procurement Officers Hall of Fame; and the Intelligent Business Award by the Financial Times of London; among others.


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