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Understanding Product Development Featuring Michael Kubba

Oceanside Meet: Michael studied Mechanical Engineer before working at Apple, Tesla, and Google. He shares with us the lifecycle of product development, from the initial planning to finished products. Michael explains a simplified version of product design from marketing requirements (MRD) to product requirements (PRD) to engineering requirements (ERD) that delineate WHO the customers, WHAT the product features are, and HOW to build the product. He points out the importance of thinking creatively without being bogged down by technical constraints at the early phase, then switching and diving deep into the details at later stages of product development.

Guest speaker's bio: Michael is a product development executive who has led hardware, systems engineering, and operations teams across multiple industries, including wearables, robotics, and consumer electronics. He is currently Fellow's Chief Operating Officer; an SF-based company focused on coffee-making appliances and accessories. Previously, Michael worked at Shaper Tools and led overall product development and operations, joining as an early employee and helping build out the product and company to launch into the market. Prior to Shaper, he led the product design team for Google Glass and various other wearables. In addition, as an early member of the Tesla powertrain team, he helped design and launch the Model S and was also the Product Design Lead for Apple TV, Apple Remote, and Mac Pro products.


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