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Advisory Board Announcement
Advisory Board.png

We're thrilled to announce our inaugural and esteemed Advisory Board at Oceanside Perspective, comprised of subject matter experts dedicated to guiding our organization's growth in critical areas. Please join us in extending the warmest welcome to our new Advisors: Colleen Boselli – Strengths Coach, and Kristie Lyons – Digital Marketing Advisor. With their wealth of experience, strategic insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence, our Advisors perfectly align with our mission to "build an educational community to ignite diverse perspectives from authentic voices across generations." We're excited to have Colleen and Kristie on board, and eagerly anticipate their invaluable contributions!

With 30+ years of corporate leadership, consulting, and coaching experience, Colleen Boselli is a seasoned career coach dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity and leverage their strengths. As the Co-founder of Strength Catalyst Partners, she has delivered tailored learning solutions to clients worldwide, including renowned organizations like Alphabet/Google, Apple, Pfizer, and Bloomberg. In her role as Strengths Coach, Colleen will offer strategic insights and guidance to help our team unlock its full potential.

Kristie Lyons is a seasoned global marketing leader with 18+ years of experience, renowned for her customer-centric, data-driven approach. Her extensive expertise encompasses campaign, product, channel, content, digital, e-commerce, and partner marketing across hardware, software, and retail industries. Collaborating with top brands like Adobe, Intel, and Walmart, Kristie has consistently driven innovation and spearheaded successful marketing programs. With her comprehensive background spanning sales and marketing, Kristie will provide invaluable guidance on digital marketing strategies for our team.

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